Blackwood Kings at FernFest 2016

Noel Anstey is an interdisciplinary technical professional with a Bachelor of Science Double Major in Music and Computer Science from the University of Victoria. His primary interests include Music Composition & Performance, Audio/Video Production, Computer Programming, and Web Development.

As a teenager Noel had already discovered his passion for music and digital media, which lead him through 8 years of music theory study, 8+ years of web development, and over a decade of digital media experimentation in audio/video.  Now he seeks creative opportunities within intersections of these fields.

In 2008 Noel co-founded death metal outfit Scimitar, playing guitar and backup vocals. Scimitar released its debut album Black Waters in 2010. Since then they’ve released two singles To Cultivate with Spearsand Wandering at the Moon. The band is currently working on its sophomore album Shadows of Man.

In 2011 Noel co-founded progressive reggae-rock band Blackwood Kings as a guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist. The group released a demo in 2012, and their self-titled EP late 2015. Blackwood Kings are now writing and recording a follow up release.

Recording audio on-set with Grey 18 Media

In 2015 Noel co-founded film production company Grey Eighteen Media. The company is operated by former UVic Fine Arts students, and offers professional-grade commercials and corporate video products. The company uses a portion of revenue to self-finance short and feature film productions. Noel works as the Sound Supervisor which allows him to oversee all aspects of the audio process from on-set recording to soundtrack scoring and post-production mixing. Grey Eighteen Media has produced several works, and is currently working on their debut feature-length film entitled Parker Helps Rose Dispose of a Body. A trailer was released in February 2016, and the film is currently in post-production.

In 2016 Noel partnered with his roommate/bandmate David Schwab to open their home studio Quadratic Sound – offering jam space rentals and professional recording services. In summer 2016 Quadratic Sound launched The Qudratic Concert Series, an ongoing Youtube project to capture excellent musical performances on video.

Sometimes I’m dark and mysterious …